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Even the best tenants can turn bad. Trying to get ______________ is hard. Trying to evict them is even harder.

Like most process, evicting a tenant can be costly & overly time consuming. Swift has now refined and simplified this process so you can get your property back to doing what it does best: earning you income.

The Process

Serve the Tenants with Notice

Tenant DOES Respond to the Notice

Tenant DOES NOT Respond to the Notice

Landlord will be required to seek Court Hearing date & appear before Judge.

Swift files Default Judgment with Court

Swift cannot provide assistance if case goes to trial

After Default Judgment has been Filed, Swift will schedule the Eviction with the County Sheriff

Eviction complete. Change the locks!

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Ready to get started?

When you're ready for us to do the work for you, simply log in, place your order & we'll get to it swiftly!

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