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Process Service

Serving since 1976!


Service of Process was one of the first services for Swift to offer when it first opened back in 1976. Since then, Swift has established an extensive network of in-house, Partner & Affiliate Process Servers that cover all of California, and also reaches across the United States.

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Your documents are handed directly by our registered Process Server to the intended recipient.

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Sub Serve

Some documents can be accepted by any one over the age of 18 at the specified address.



If numerous attempts at Personal or Sub-Service fail, documents may be left in a secure yet obvious place.

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Mail | Email | Fax

Using Certified Mail, email or Fax, documents are served generally to a business or registered agent.

Types of Serves

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Urgent (Rush)

✅ First attempt within
3 business days.
✅ Includes up to 5 attempts.
✅ Proof of Service included.
First attempt within
24 hours.

✅ Includes up to 5 attempts.
✅ Proof of Service included.

How fast do you need it done?


Helpful tips

To ensure your documents get served as swiftly as possible:

  • The more information you can provide on the party to be served, the better!

  • For individuals: their work/home schedule, vehicle description, access restrictions (i.e. apartment building), physical description or photos are even better!

  • For businesses: operating hours, entrance security/access restrictions (i.e. security on the door), do they have an Agent for service?




Sometimes getting your documents served can prove extra difficult due to access restrictions (e.g. an apartment building), inconsistent schedule, or is time sensitive.


A stakeout can be the perfect solution to solve these problems.

Still can't find them? Let our Private Investigators hunt them down! Click here to find out more


Please note: Additional fees may be required for remote locations and please consider that not all remote locations can be serviced.

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