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Electronic Recording (eRecording) is the process of recording documents with the County Recorders Office via secure digital means that would otherwise need to be physically submitted to the County Assessor-Recorder’s Office for recordation.


Once Recorded, documents are returned to the submitter electronically, sometimes within hours of submission (depending on the county).


Helpful tips

Before sending us your documents for submission, check:

  • Any document that has been Digitally issued can be emailed to us for eRecording.

  • Any document that has been Physically issued must be FedEx/Mailed to us for digitisation prior to eRecording.

  • Entire document is clear & legible, specifically any Notary Seals.

  • All signatures must have clearly printed names.

  • Once Swift submit documents for eRecording with the County, we cannot recall/cancel them, so make sure everything is correct!

Does your County eRecord? 


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  • Send us your original documents via trackable means (i.e. FedEx) to:

Swift Legal

ATTN: eRecording

500 Allerton Street, Ste 105

Redwood City CA 94063

Be sure to include a cover sheet with your Swift account number, county to be recorded in & any other special instructions

Once we receive your documents, we'll get to eRecording them swiftly!

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