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Once you receive a court judgment in your favor, it is your responsibility to enforce it. The court will not enforce your judgment for you. Luckily, Swift Attorney Service offers a comprehensive post-judgment investigation and collection service. This can be a complex process and requires work done by registered Process Servers and Private Investigators.


Each case is unique, requiring a bespoke approach to getting what you're owed.

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"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." - Benjamin Franklin


It all begins with a complimentary

Judgment Enforcement consultation.


During this 30 minute meeting, we will analyze your case and create a customised Judgment Enforcement strategy. This interview will include a collection and review of all relevant information, followed by the establishment of viable and prioritized methods of investigation and recovery, as well as a consideration of possible uses of recovery concepts such as Continuation and Alter-Ego.

Get what you're owed in just 3 steps!

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One of our registered Process Servers will get a Writ of Execution issued. This gives the Judgment Creditor the right to enforce and collect their judgment. Most commonly this is done through a Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment.​


Next, we need to locate the assets, real property, bank accounts, and/or employment for judgment debtors. Once we obtain this information, the Writ is opened with the correlating County Sheriff the assets' are located in. Once opened, it can then be served on a bank (if a bank levy is ordered) or an employer (if wage garnishment is ordered).


Finally, the Proof of Service is filed with the County Sheriff. From that point on, all communication and enforcement is between the Sheriff & the bank/employer. The Sheriff will then receive a check and then submit a payment to the judgment creditor.  


"But what if I can't find the other party or the assets owed?"

Swift Attorney Service is a licensed Private Investigator and offers extensive Investigation services to individuals across the nation. If you have an open court case against an individual or an entity, and need help locating who and where the service subject is, Swift can help. If you have already won your case, and the judgment debtor refuses to pay the judgment, Swift's Private Investigators can help you locate the debtor’s assets.


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As all Judgment Enforcement is bespoke for your case, contact us to book your complimentary consultation today.

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