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5 Fast Facts about Judgment ENFORCEMENT

Early Renewal earns more $$

Civil Judgments are valid for 10 years, and can be renewed after 5 years. When they are renewed, the new Judgment amounts includes the accumulated interest.

Don't wait!

Even if you're one day late in renewing a Judgment, you will lose the entire Judgment! No appeals, no extensions. Gone!

0% preparation required

Just send a Filed endorsed copy of your Judgment to Swift, and we'll take it from there. We'll fill in the forms, track the party down & get what you're owed.

It's FREE!!

... well, not quite. But in most cases 100% of Swift's fees can be included as part of the Judgment Recovery amount, so you don't pay out of pocket to get what you're owed.

Get the experts on it

With over 45 years experience in Judgment Enforcement & Writs, Swift will find a way!

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