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Our Top 5 tips for eRecording

There's no denying: eRecording is the latest thing. The number of counties accepting electronic recording has already surpassed eFiling!

Here's our Top 5 tips to help ensure your documents get eRecorded first time, every time!*

There is a cover page.

If there isn’t a space already provided, a cover page is required for the County Recorder to place their Endorsement once it’s been accepted.

The notary seal is legible. When uploading to the Recorder, documents are converted to black & white, so check the notary seal is completely visible/legible.

All signatures and/or penmanship is legible.

Similar to Notary Seals, ensure all signatures and any handwritten sections can be clearly and easily read when in black & white.

All signatures have a name printed underneath.

Sounds simple enough, but surprising how often it gets missed!

Ensure all city taxes are paid beforehand for deeds. While Swift can advance any Recorders fees, any taxes that are due must be paid before the Recorder will endorse Deeds.

Still need more info? Check out the below:

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