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Even The Best Tenants Can Go Bad

Service of Process was one of the first services for Swift to offer when it first opened back in 1976. Since then, Swift has established an extensive network of in-house, Partner & Affiliate Process Servers that cover all of California, and also reaches across the United States.

Next Steps


Create Account
You must have an active account with Swift Legal,
which includes a valid payment method on file.

Complete Online Form
This is the most important step, as it captures all relevant data to proceed with your eviction

Sign & Return Acknowledgement
Once the online form is completed, an Acknowledgement & Fee Schedule will be emailed to the address registered. This must be (digitally) signed & returned.

Eviction Initiation Payment
Within 24-48 hours of the signed Acknowledgement being returned, Swift will process the Eviction Initiation payment & begin work on your eviction.

What Happens Next?
One of two things will happen:
If the Tenant(s) does File a Response, Swift cannot progress this matter for you, and will close out the request.
✅ If the Tenant(s) does not File a Response, Swift
will progress with the Eviction Enforcement, as laid out in the Agreement.

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Serve the Tenant(s) with Notice To Vacate


YES, they do.

The Landlord will be required to seek a Court Hearing date & appear before a Judge.

Swift cannot provide further assistance if Case goes to trial.

✅ NO, they don't.

Swift will continue to advance the Eviction process in accordance with all applicable laws & requirements.

✅ Default Judgment

Swift will draft & File a Default Judgment with the Court.

✅ Sheriff Co-Ordination

After the Default has been Filed, Swift will liaise with the County Sheriff to schedule & finalize the Eviction.

✅ Eviction Complete

Time to change the locks!

Step-by-Step Process

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