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Records Subpoena

Need records for your case? Need help navigating the Discovery process?

Swift has over 45 years of experience as professional Deposition Officers and are experts in the Legal Document Reproduction field.


You can relax knowing a knowledgeable member of the Swift Subpoena Team is ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of your much needed discovery records.


From start to finish, let our team take care of everything!


From Start To Finish,
Swift Take Care Of It!

✅ Entity Research
✅ Subpoena preparation for Production of Records
✅ Service of Notice to Consumer
✅ Digitization of Records
✅ Video & Audio Integrity checks
✅ Reproduction of Records
✅ Disbursement of Records to all Parties
✅ Secure storage for 7 years


In 2023, Swift successfully subpoenaed over 350,000 individual pages, videos & audio recording records.

Ready for Records?


To get started, fill in the below & our Subpoena team will get to it swiftly!

Sub Prep
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