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Process Service

Serving Since 1976!

Service of Process was one of the first services for Swift to offer when it first opened back in 1976. Since then, Swift has established an extensive network of in-house, Partner & Affiliate Process Servers that cover all of California, and also reaches across the United States.

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Methods of Service

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Your documents are handed directly by our registered Process Server to the intended recipient.

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Sub Serve

Some documents can be accepted by any one over the age of 18 at the specified address.



If numerous attempts at Personal or Sub-Service fail, documents may be left in a secure yet obvious place.

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Mail | Email | Fax

Using Certified Mail, email or Fax, documents are served generally to a business or registered agent.

Agent For Service
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An Agent For Service, such as CT Corporation, is allowed to accept any Legal documents on behalf of a business or other registered entity.

All manner of businesses, including Meta/Facebook, Uber & most major banks, will only accept Service of Process through their Agent For Service. 

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door to door

Our Los Angeles office is located a short
7 minute walk from CT Corporation,
making us one of the closest Process Servers!





Same-day cut off time 11:30am

If you're new to Swift, you'll need to create an account, or log in to your existing account if you're a returning client.

Click on Place An Order, and select
Process Service from the drop down menu. Follow the prompts to create your request.

Once we receive your work order, we'll get it into production & out for service swiftly!

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First attempt is made in 2-3 business days.
Up to 5 attempts are made per address over 28 days.

First attempt is made within 24 hours.
Up to 5 attempts are made per address within 21 days.




Sometimes getting your documents served can prove extra difficult due to access restrictions (e.g. an apartment building), inconsistent schedules, or is time sensitive.


A stakeout can be the perfect solution to solve these problems.

Still can't find them? Let our Private Investigators hunt them down! Click here to find out more


Please note: Additional fees may be required for remote locations and not all remote locations can be serviced.

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