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Judgment Enforcement

Once you receive a court judgment in your favor, it is your responsibility to enforce it. The court will not enforce your judgment for you. Luckily, Swift Legal offers a comprehensive post-judgment investigation and collection service. This can be a complex process and requires work done by registered Process Servers and Private Investigators.


Each case is unique, requiring a bespoke approach to getting what you're owed.


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

- Benjamin Franklin


It all begins with a complimentary

Judgment Enforcement consultation.


During this 30 minute meeting, we will analyze your case and create a customised Enforcement strategy. This interview will include a collection and review of all relevant information, followed by the establishment of viable and prioritized methods of enforcement and recovery, as well as a consideration of possible uses of recovery concepts such as Continuation and Alter-Ego.


During 2023, Swift enforced over $5.7mil worth of Judgments on evasive Debtors.


Judgment Enforcement Process

✅ Writ of Execution Issued

One of our registered Process Servers will get a Writ of Execution issued in the County where the Case took place. This gives the Judgment Creditor (you) the right to enforce and collect the judgment. 

✅ Find Assets, banks etc

Next, we need to locate the assets, real property, bank accounts, and/or employment for judgment debtors (them) that will satisfy the Judgment amount. 

✅ Open Writ in County

Once we locate the assets etc, the Writ is opened with the Sheriff of the County where they are located. 

✅ Served on Bank/Employer

Once opened, it can then be served on a bank (if a bank levy is ordered) or an employer (if wage garnishment is ordered).

✅ Proof Of Service Filed with Sheriff

Finally, the Proof of Service is Filed with the County Sheriff. From that point on, all communication and enforcement is between the Sheriff & the bank/employer. 

 Enforcement Complete

The Sheriff will receive a check and submit the payment to the judgment creditor, which will finalize the Judgment Enforcement.

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Thank you for your enquiry. A member of the Enforcement & Investigation team will be in touch swiftly!

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